How to do less while making more…

Nothing beats continuity income.

It’s the best kind of income you can make.

It’s the sort of money that comes in whether you’re still working a full-time job, sick in bed, on vacation, or binging the Walking Dead.

It’s also the hardest income to come by.

Not because there’s a shortage of opportunities that offer continuity. But because what’s true for most opportunities is that – people don’t stick.

Many clients get off continuity because they don’t get results and/or because they don’t get the ongoing support their need.

The longevity isn’t there.

What’s the solution?

Can you still get continuity income? Or should you not count on it and stick to making one-time sales?

Oh, you can.

You can indeed!

And it’s just as easy to get a one-time sign-up as it is a recurring one.

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